On January 18, KSFW held its much-anticipated Market Day event where students got to spend their hard-earned play money on a dizzying array of fabulous goods and tasty foods!

Over the past several months, students had been diligently earning Korean play money through consistent attendance and homework completion, and they were all very eager to reap the rewards of their good practices at KSFW’s Marketplace.

The Marketplace did not disappoint with its huge selection of finger-licking good eats—such as chicken teriyaki, spicy rice cakes, and potstickers—as well as sundry other items—including school supplies, toys, books, and Korean souvenirs.

Students were not only rewarded for their model practices, but they also learned how to count Korean bills and use key shopping phrases, so it was a win-win situation for both education and fun, which is always the best possible outcome!

지난 토요일 (1월 18일), 1학기를 종료하며 페더럴웨이 통합한국학교에는 큰 장이 섰다!
매주 출석을 잘하고 숙제를 꼬박꼬박해서 모아온  “칭찬돈”을 맘껏 쓸 수 있는 이 날을 전교생 모두 손꼽아 기다려왔었다.
원화를 사용해서 한국말로 물건사는 법을 익힌 기초반 학생들은 더 큰 설레임으로 장터를 찾았으며,
문방구, 잡화가게, 장난감가게, 과자가게, 책방에다가 중고품가게까지 … 
장터를 가득채운 다양한 상품들은 학생들의 시선을 여지없이 집중시켰다.
우동, 무스비, 매운 떡볶이, 치킨테리야끼, 군만두, 핫도그, 소떡구이와 과일컵 등 
학부모들이 정성껏 준비한 먹거리를 골고루 맛보며 신나게 장터를 누비는 학생들은 즐겁기만해보였다.