페더럴웨이 통합한국학교 가족 여러분,

장날과 운동회로 신나게 마무리해왔던 여느때와는 달리 서로 만나지도 못한채 2019-2020 학년도를 마감하게되어 무척 아쉽지만,
줌화상수업으로라도 얼굴들을 볼 수 있었음을 큰 위안으로 삼으며, 건강한모습으로 기쁘게 다시 만날 가을 새학기를 기다리고자 합니다.
COVID-19 으로 초래된 수업환경의 급격한 변화에도 불구하고 한국어 학습에 정진해준 우리 학생들과 이를 적극 도와주신 학부모님들께 깊이 감사드리며,
어떤 상황에서라도 재학생들의 한국어 교육을 책임지고 훌륭히 감당해낼 수 있는 페더럴웨이 통합한국학교가 되기위해 부단히 노력할 것임을 약속드립니다.
끝으로, 지난 5년간 여러분의 교장으로 함께 했던 귀한 시간들을 소중히 가슴에 담으며 솟구치는 감사의 말씀을 드리고싶습니다!

이희정 교장

Dear Students and Families,

Though we were unable to celebrate the end of the 2019-2020 school year with our usual field day games and marketplace festivities, I am glad that we were able to connect with one another online through our virtual Zoom classes.
As we cautiously proceed through the stepwise easing of social distancing restrictions, let us all be hopeful and look forward to returning to school in good health and buoyant spirits when fall semester begins in September.
I commend our students for pressing on with their Korean language studies in spite of the significant disruptions to their normal school life brought on by COVID-19.
l am also tremendously grateful to parents and family members for supporting our students through the not-so-simple transition to remote learning.
No matter what new challenges the future may hold, we at Korean School of Federal Way will remain steadfast in our commitment to providing students with superior Korean language education.
It has truly been an immense pleasure and privilege serving as your principal during these past five years, and I thank you all for helping to keep our tight-knit community strongly bound together even while we are physically apart.


Hee Jung Lee, Principal