We’re SO PROUD of our students who gave stellar performances at the NAKS-NW Speech & Choir Competition on May 13th!

Our choir team–looking very spiffy in their blue KSFW t-shirts–sang their hearts out and brought home a shiny trophy!

We applaud each of the 25 members of our phenomenal choir team:
Sharon Yoon (윤영아), Faith Yoon (윤영은), Eva Yoon (윤영혜), Ian Lee (이이안), Lyle Lee (이라일), Sua McBride (한수아), Subyn McBride (한수빈), Rosie Kim (김은빈), Connor Kim (김건우), Jennifer Kim (김휘수), Jenora Jeong (정지운), Jayden Jeong (정주송), Nichole Lee (이세율), Jia Yi (이지아), Evalyn Kim (김유림), Louie Kim (김동현), Valencia Kim (김은율), Daniel Sim (심요한), Yejee Sim (심예지), Olivia Kim (김유정), Allison Park (박서연), Erin Heo (허서영), Janie Earle (가은), Isaac Kim (김이삭), and Jason Park (박재선)

Kindergartner Jason Park (박재선) gave an inspiring speech about his dream of becoming a Korean school teacher.

Our three winners from the NAKS-NW Academic Competition–Ian Lee (이이안), Grace Kim (김은혜), and Jayden Jeong (정주송)–were also presented with their award certificates.

Way to go Team KSFW, and a HUGE thank you to all the parents and teachers who came along to cheer our students on!