Day 6 Lesson

[Intermediate level]

Lesson: 책이 어디에 있어요?

Learning Target: Reading , speaking, and writing location terms

Example: 안(in), 옆(besides, next to), 위(above), 아래(under, below), 앞(in front), 뒤(behind)


1. Write 같이해요passage that I circled on your packet 10 times each

2. complete Hidden picture #6

[Beginners Level]

Lesson: 일, 이, 삼, 사

Learning Target: Reading, writing, and speaking numbers(일/하나, 이/둘, 삼/셋, 사/넷, 오/다섯, 육/여섯, 칠/일곱, 팔/여덟, 구/아홉, 십/열)


1. complete Hidden picture #6

2. Daily vocab writing #6