Day 3 Lesson

[Beginners Level ]
책이 어디에 있어요?

Learning target: Read/ speak sentences by using location terms


1. 책상 옆에 있어요. It is next to the desk.

2. 가방이 의자 아래에 있어요. The bag is under the chair.

HW: Hidden picture #3, Daily vocab writing #3 (10 times each)

[Intermediate level]
Review Assessment : 단원 평가 V

Learning target:

1.Transitional word :그래서 (so, therefore)
Example: 경치가 아름다워요. 그래서 사진을 찍어요.

2. Change verb from present tense to past tense (가요—> 갔어요, 여행해요—> 여행했어요)


1. Hidden picture #3

2. Create and update 10 vocab words on your Quizlet account

Thanks to those FIVE students who participated Qiluizlet live game last Saturday! It was really fun though we had little technology problems. Since this week is our Spring Break, you are not obligated to play on this Saturday, but I will continue to invite you to 무궁화 class live game. This week game will be from study sets of ‘어디에 있어요? & …에 …이/가 있어요. Please study new study sets via Quizlet app 무궁화반 prior to a live game. Stay home safe!