[1st Period]
* 날씨 Weather & 온도 Temperature
– select 3 cities and compare its weather and temperature
City A = 고향 The city you were born in
City B = 지금 사는 도시 The city you are living in right now
City C = 여행 가고 싶은 도시 The city you wish to travel
– convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
화씨 ℉ —> 섭씨 ℃
– +-x ÷ => Command form
더하다 Add ———-> 더하세요
빼다 Subtract ———-> 빼세요
나누다 Divide ———-> 나누세요
곱하다 Multiply ———-> 곱하세요

[2nd Period]
* “저는 ___________________를 했어요”
저는 shopping을 했어요
저는 cooking을 했어요
저는 exercising을 했어요
* Ask questions to peer students about what they did on Thanksgiving day
– 무엇을? What?
– 언제? When?
– 어디서? Where?

[3rd Period]
Writing Korean alphabet in correct stroke orders

Do worksheet about Korean alphabet stroke orders