6/6/2020 – Zoom Class 5

1. Can’t
1) 못: inability to do something
= 못 + verb
Example: I can’t eat spicy food = 저는 매운 음식을 먹어요.

2) ~지 못해요: slightly more formal
= verb + 지 못해요.
Example: I can’t eat spicy food = 저는 매운 음식을 먹지 못해요.

                                1) 못 + verb                        2) verb + 지 못해요
Can’t eat              못 먹어요                           먹지 못해요     
Can’t go                못 가요                                가지 못해요
Can’t do               못 해요                                하지 못해요
Can’t listen          못 들어요                           듣지 못해요
Can’t live              못 살아요                           살지 못해요
Can’t learn          못 배워요                           배우지 못해요
Can’t read           못 읽어요                           읽지 못해요
Can’t get up        못 일어나요                      일어나지 못해요

2. because of
1) 때문에
= 때문 (reason) + 에 (particle)
– Expresses a causal relationship
– Not used by itself, must be preceded by a Noun or Noun Phrase
Example: I was late because of traffic = 교통체증 때문에 늦었어요.