Beginner Level Zoom classroom (한국어 1.1)

10-10:30 am

We covered PPT slide #1-4 (한국어 1.1 unit 11 page page 92-94). Students focused on reading with correct pronunciation.
Grammar: base + 아/받침 +어요 (가다—> 가요, 읽다 —> 읽어요 )
Beginner Homework: unit 11 writing vocab 10 times on the worksheet ( included in the packet)

Intermediate level (한국어 1.2)

10:30-11:00 a.m.

we covered four PPT slides. First, students read and translated pg 108. Second, students learned how to count items and tell times.
Grammar: 해야 돼/ 돼요(should)- 지금 학교에 가야 돼요./ 숙제를 해야 돼.

I sent edited PPT via email. (#4 slide is edited)

Intermediate Homework: Writing unit 13 sentences 10 times each (in the packet), you may need to do it on another piece of paper if each column is too narrow.