4/4/2020 FWKS Home School 안녕하세요 (1)

<안녕하세요? 1>

1.  Review Korean Alphabet with the chart! 

    Also Let’s Sing a Song of한글팝 (Hangeul Pop)

2. Open your book, 한국어(White Book) 1-1 UNIT 07 안녕하세요? (How are you?) and

Work on Page. 60-61 !

P. 60 Use the CD back of your book.

안녕하세요?       [an-nyoung-ha-sea-yo?]    Hi, How are you?

이름이 뭐에요?   [eereumi-moeyeyo?]         What’s your name?

저는 김민수/ 이수진(name) 예요.   [jeo-neun ____________(name) yeyo]   My name is 김민수 / 이수진.

만나서 반가워요. [mannaseo-bangawoeyo]   Nice to meet you.


안녕? (to friend or younger people)  / 안녕하세요? (to older people)

Bye in Korean 안녕히 가세요.[an-nyoung-hee-ga-sea-yo]   You can say it, when someone leave from your place.

                       – 안녕히 계세요.[an-nyounh-hee-gyae-sea-yo] You can say it, when you  leave from someone’s place.

한국 [han-goog] Korea  / 독일 [dog-il] Germany  / 미국 [mee-goog] Unite States

브라질 [beu-ra-zil] Brazil  / 영국 [young-goog] Great Britain / 일본 [eel-bon] Japan

중국 [joong-goog] China / 프랑스 [peu-rang-sseu] France / 호주 [ho-joo] Austrailia 

어느 나라 사람이에요? [eonue-nara-saram-eeyeayo?] Where are you from?

________(country) 사람이에요. [________ saram-yeeyeayo.]  I’m from _____________.

자기소개를  해보세요.  Introduce  yourself  in  Korean!

____________________________________________________ (greeting)

__________________________________________________(introducing your name)

_________________________________________________(introducing your country)

_______________________________________________ (nice to meet you in Korean)

* After writing, Read it loudly to your family!