4/25/2020 KSFW Home School 우리 동생이에요 (2)

<우리 동생이에요 2 >

1.  Review Korean Alphabet with the chart! 

    Also Let’s Sing a Song of 한글팝 (Hangeul Pop)

2.  Review  <안녕하세요? 1,2>

3. Open your book, 한국어(White Book) 1-1 UNIT 08 우리 동생이에요 (This  is my little sister) and  Work on Page. 70-74 !


누구에요? [noo-goo-yeyo?] Who is she (or he)?

우리 어머니에요. [woo-ree eo-meo-nee yeyo] This is my mother.

할머니예요? [hal-meo-nee yeyo?] Is this your grandmother?

네, 할머니예요. [nae, hal-me0-nee yeyo.] Yes, this is my grandmother.

P. 71

여동생이에요? [yeo-dong-saeng eeyeyo?] Is this your sister?

아니요, 여동생이 아니에요. [a-nee-yo, yeo-dong-saeng ee a-nee-yeyo.] No, this is not my sister.

p.72 Use your CD on the very last page of your book.


이름 [ee-reum] name / 학생 [hag-saeng] student / 사람 [sa-ram] men, person


너와 너의 가족은 어느 나라 사람인가요? 국기를 찾아서 그려보세요. Where are you or your family from?

Draw the flag of your country that you and your family from.

My family and I are from _______________________________.

나와 나의 가족은 ______________________________ 사람이에요.