4/25/2020 – Day 6

받침 Batchim
There can be an extra consonant placing underneath a pair of ‘C +V’. It is called, “받침 Batchim.” And there are seven categories of batchims. And they are categorized by its pronunciation.

  1. ㄱ/ ㅋ => ㄱ
  2. ㄷ/ ㅌ/ ㅅ/ ㅈ/ ㅊ/ㅎ => ㄷ
  3. ㅂ/ ㅍ => ㅂ

  4. It means if ‘ㅅ’ is used as a batchim, it sounds like ‘ㄷ’. An example is 옷, which is clothes. It sounds like 옫[od].
    I wish that was it. But there is another formation called “Double batchim.”

There are only 13 combinations of “Double Batchim” in Korean. And 10 out of 13 focus on sounding the prior consonant, but those 3 out of 13 (those ones with *) focus on sounding the later consonant.
And the “silent” consonant in batchim isn’t just going away, most of those times it affects the sound of a following letter.

ㄱㄱ 밖[박] – outside
ㅅㅅ 갔다->갓다 [갇다] – went
ㄱㅅ 몫[목] – a portion
ㄴㅈ 앉다[안따] – to sit
ㄹㅂ 여덟[여덜] – eight
ㄹㅅ 외곬[외골] – one way of thoughts or directions
ㄹㅌ 핥다[할따] – to lick
ㅂㅅ 값[갑] – a price
ㄴㅎ 않다[안타] – not to be
ㄹㅎ 앓다[알타] – to be sick in disease
*ㄹㅁ 젊다[점따] – to be young
*ㄹㅍ 읊다-> 읖다[읍다] – to recite
*ㄹㄱ 읽다[익따] – to read, 흙[흑] – soil