4/18/2020 KSFW Home School 우리 동생이에요 (1)

<우리 동생이에요 1>

1.  Review Korean Alphabet with the chart! 

    Also Let’s Sing a Song of 한글팝 (Hangeul Pop)

2.  Review  <안녕하세요? 1,2>

3. Open your book, 한국어(White Book) 1-1 UNIT 08 우리 동생이에요 (This  is my little sister) and  Work on Page. 68-69 !

P. 68

선생님 [seon-seang-nim] teacher

민수 친구예요? [minsoo cheengoo-yeyo?] Is your (Minsoo’s) friend?

아니요. [aneeyo] no  / 아니에요. [aneeyeyo]  This is not.  /

동생이에요. [dong-saeng eeyeayo]  This is my sister.      *동생 [dongsaeng] younger sibling no matter gender

다음에 만나요. [da-eum-ea  man-na-yo] see you.

P.69   가족 [ga-jog] family

어머니 [eo-meo-nee] mother / 아버지 [a-beo-jee] father

여동생 [yeo-dong-saeng] younger sister                        *여(or 여자) means women / 남( or 남자) means men

누나 [older sister to bo\

P.64-65  Use the CD back of your book.

* 숙제(Homework) *

Let’s  introduce  my family  in  Korean! ______ 이예요./ 예요.