3/28/2020 FWKS Home School 받침을 배워요 (2)

<받침을 배워요 2>

1.  Review Korean Alphabet with the chart! 

    Also Let’s Sing a Song of 한글팝 (Hangeul Pop)

2. Open your book, 한국어(White Book) 1-1 UNIT 05 받침2 (Final Consonants 2) and

    Work on Page. 52-59 !

P. 52

부엌 [boo-eog] kitchen / 앞치마 [ab-chee-ma]

apron / 꽃 [ggod] / 빗 [bit]


[jib] house / 낚시 [nag-see] fishing / 컵 [ceob] cup / 돋보기 [dod-bo-gee] magnifying glasses

[od] clothes / 밥 [bab] rice / 책 [cheak] book

P.54   숲 [soob] woods                        

If the word have  받침 ㅂ, ㅍ you  can  pronounce  받침ㅂ,ㅍ to ㅂ [b].

          학교 [hag-gyo] school              

If the word have  받침 ㄱ, ㄲ,ㅋ  you can  pronounce  받침 ㄱ,ㄲ,ㅋ  to ㄱ [g]

P.55   ㅎ [hee-eud]  ㅎ  / 있다 [eed-da] There are

If the word have  받침 ㄷ,ㅌ,ㅎ,ㅅ,ㅆ,ㅈ,ㅊ you can  pronounce them  to ㄷ

P.56   앞 [ab] front  / 약 [yag] pill        

P.57   밭 [bad] ground 

**숙제(Homework)** Let’s do small workbook p.28-31