2020년 5월 9일

  • Lesson 2
    • V-거나 is added to the stem of a verb or adjective to express a choice between that verb or adjective and the one following it. Same as ‘or’ in English.
    • EX – 아침에 빵을 먹거나 우유를 마셔요. (In the morning, I eat bread or drink milk.)
    • 주말에 음악을 듣거나 영화를 볼 거예요. (On the weekend, I plan to listen to music or watch a movie.)
    • 바쁘거나 가방이 무거울 때 택시를 타요. (I take a taxi when I’m busy or my bag is too heavy.)
  • Listening Exercises. ( Workbook page 150)