[1st Period]
<계절 Seasons>
*봄 Spring
– 꽃 [ggod] flowers
– 노란색 [no-ran-saek] yellow
– 따뜻해요 [dda-ddeu-tae-yo] to be warm
*여름 Summer
– 바다 [bada] ocean
– 파란색 [pa-ran-saek] blue
– 초록색 [cho-rok-saek] green
– 더워요 [deo-wo-yo] to be hot
*가을 Fall
– 나뭇잎 [na-mo-nip] leaves
– 빨간색 [bbal-gan-saek] red
– 시원해요 [si-won-hae-yo] to be cool
*겨울 Winter
– 눈사람 [noon-sa-ram] snowman
– 하얀색 [ha-yan-saek] white
– 추워요 [choo-wo-yo] to be cold

[2nd Period]
[뭐해요? What do you do?]
*봄에 In spring
– 꽃을 보러 가요 go to see flowers
– 산책을 해요 go for a stroll
– 하이킹을 해요 go on hiking
*여름에 In summer
– 바다에 가요 go to the ocean
– 휴가를 가요 go on vacations
– 수박을 먹어요 eat watermelon
*가을에 In fall
– 호박을 먹어요 eat pumpkin
– 파이를 먹어요 eat pie
– 퓨알럽 페어에 가요 go to the Puyallup’s Fair
*겨울에 In winter
– 눈이랑 놀아요 play in snow
– 붕어빵을 먹어요 eat fish-shaped bread

[3rd Period]
– Unit 5 text book

– review weather related adjectives
– watch a Korean youtuber and pick a expression from a video
– prepare answers to “What did you do on Valentine’s day?”