[1st Period]
– talked about the “KSFW Market Day” article
-> http://www.seattlen.com/m/bbs/board.php?bo_table=News&wr_id=27218
저는 기분이 ________. My feeling is ________.
– 행복해요 to be happy
– 좋아요 to be good
– 피곤해요 to be tired
– 기뻐요 to be joyful

*롯데월드 Lotte World (Amusement Park)
– 사진을 찍다 to take a picture
=> 찍어요 (present) => 찍을 거예요 (future)
– 놀이기구를 타다 to get on rides
=> 타요 (present) => 탈 거예요 (future)
– 컵케이크를 먹다 to eat cup cakes
=> 먹어요 (present)=> 먹을 거예요 (future)
– 퍼레이드를 보다 to watch a parade
=> 봐요 (present)=> 볼 거예요 (future)

[2nd Period]
* 하고 같이 doing something together [hago gachi]
<저는 ____L____에서 ____P____하고 같이 ____O&V____-(으)ㄹ 거예요>
– L: Location
– P: Person
– O&V: Object & Verb
1) 쟈니스는 거리에서 사장님하고 같이 쇼핑을 할 거예요.
=> Janice will be shopping with the boss on a street.
2) 진호는 회사에서 선배하고 같이 노래를 할 거예요.
=> Jinho will sing with a senior at a company.
3) 앤은 학교에서 헤어진 애인하고 같이 선물을 살 거예요.
=> Ann will buy a gift with her ex at school.
4) 알렉산드라는 주차장에서 베프하고 같이 화해할 거예요.
=> Alexandra will reconcile with her best friend at a parking lot.
5) 주와나는 웨이터하고 같이 시애틀에서 식사를 할 거예요.
=> Juwana will eat a meal with a waiter in Seattle.

[3rd Period]
<class 1>
– continued writing future sentences and presented with peer students.
– found out about the meaning of each sentence.
<class 2>
– tutored personal questions regarding consonants and vowels/ sentence stuructures

– preview Unit 5