[1st & 2nd Period]
* Expressions for Market Transactions
– 이거 얼마예요? How much is this?
– 이거 두개 주세요 Give me 2 of this.
– 깎아주세요 Give me discounts.
– 다음에 올께요 I will come back next time.
– 많이 파세요 Sell a lot (good bye)
– 이거랑 바꿀래요? Would you trade it with this?
– 어서오세요 Welcome.
– 안돼요 No (refusal).
– 가격은 삼천원이에요 The price is 3000₩.
– 다음에 또 오세요 Come back next time.
– 2개에 삼천원! 2 for 3000₩!

[3rd Period]
– Performed actual market transactions
– Practiced buying, selling, bargaining items

Happy Holidays and Have a Safe Vacation 🙂