[1st Period]
*Calendar Talk
11/2 = 11월 2일
– 오늘 [o-neul] Today
– 내일 [nae-il] Tomorrow
– 토요일 [to-yo-il] Saturday
– 생일 [saeng-il] Birthday
– 행사 [haeng-sa] Event
– 기념일 [gi-nyeo-mil] Anniversary
– 추수감사절 [choo-soo-gam-sa-jeol] Thanksgiving day
– 블랙 프라이데이 Black Friday

[2nd Period]
*Commands & Responses
줘요 —–> 주세요 =====> buyer: “이거 공짜예요?” Is it free?
사요 —–> 사세요 =====> buyer: “이거 얼마예요?” How much is it?
팔아요 —–> 파세요 =====> seller: “돈 주세요” Give me money

*Buying and Selling Activity (A: Seller, B: Buyer)
– 에게 [eh-geh] To
– 에게서 [eh-geh-seo] From
1) A 이/가 B에게 ______ 을/를 주세요.
= A, give _______ to B
2) B 이/가 A에게서 ______ 을/를 사세요.
= B, buy _______ from A
3) A 이/가 B에게 ______ 을/를 파세요.
= A, sell _______ to B

[3rd Period]
* “안아줘요 [an-a-jwo-yo] Hug me” by 10 cm

*Catching Mouse Game
– 잡았다 [jab-ah-dda] Caught
– 놓쳤다 [nod-chyeo-dda] Missed
– 만세 [man-se] Hooray
“쥐를 잡자. 쥐를 잡자. 찍찍찍 X2
몇 마리? [myeod ma-li] how many mouse?”
-Here is a link to a demo video and this tv shows originally started this game many years ago.
=> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_XKV9tv-d0

1) play the catching mouse game with your family or friends (you could change those terms to English instead of Korean like ‘caught’, ‘missed’, ‘hooray’ if needed) and take a video and send it to me (only if you could and feel comfortable with)
2) “Speaking Bubbles” worksheet= fill in the bubbles
= there are no translations on those answers, so you need to look them up if you don’t know the meaning of them,