[1st Period]
* “The Present” Video Activity

열어요 [yeo-leo-yo] to open
던졌어요 [deon-jyeo-sseo-yo] Threw (던져요 to throw)
봤어요 [bwa-sseo-yo] Saw (봐요 to see)
놀고 싶어요 [nol-go si-peo-yo] Want to play (놀아요 to play + 싶어요 to want/ to wish)
어두워요 [ed-doo-weo-yo] Dark
밝아요 [bal-ga-yo] Bright
아이 [a-ee] A child
밖 [bag] Outside
날씨 [nal-ssi] Weather
선물 [seon-mool] A present/ a gift
바닥 [ba-dag] Floor
캐치볼 [kae-chi-bol] Catch
친구 [chin-goo] Friends
같이 [ga-chi] together
만 [man] Only
너무 [neo-moo] Very
그래서 [geu-lae-seo] So
이제 [ee-je] Now
그런데 [geu-leon-de] But
갑자기 [gab-ja-gi] Suddenly
그리고 [geu-lee-go] And

[2nd Period]
*Total Physical Response – Vocabs review
*Homework Check
1) Describing main characters’ names and their relationships from Korean TV shows
2) Introducing a monster

[3rd Period]
*Group 1 = self-studying in Korean numbers (sino numbers, native Korean numbers)
*Group 2 = studying in particles/ grammars/ C+V+C activity

– Review a new vocabs list from the “the present” video
– Study for a TPR test from a study guide