[1st-2nd Period]
* Changing to the Past Tense
– 가요[ga-yo] Go -> 갔어요[ga-sseo-yo] Went
– 만나요[man-na-yo] Meet -> 만났어요[man-na-sseo-yo] Met
– 말해요[mal-hae-yo] Talk -> 말했어요[mal-hae-sseo-yo] Talked

* New Vocab
공짜 [gong-jja] Free
무료 [moo-lyo] Free
이름 [ee-reum] Name
나이 [na-ee] Age
직업 [jig-eob] Job
제 [je] My
소개해요 [so-gae-hae-yo] Introduce

* New Expressions
어디에 갔어요? Where did you go?
누구를 만났어요? Who did you meet?
누구랑 갔어요? Who did you go with?
언제 갔어요? When did you go?
냠자의 이름은 뭐예요? What’s his name?
남자는 몇 살이에요? How old is he?
남자는 한국 사람이에요? Is he Korean?
남자는 뭐를 잘해요? What does he do well?
남자의 직업은 뭐예요? What’s his job?

[3rd Period]
* Introducing Activity
이것은 제 몬스터예요. This is my monster.
제 몬스터의 이름은 삐삐예요. My monster’s name is BBi BBi
삐삐의 나이는 스무 살이에요. BBi BBi’s age is 20
삐삐의 직업은 수영선수예요. BBi BBi’s job is a swimmer
삐삐는 하늘에서 살아요. BBi BBi lives in the sky
삐삐는 청소하는 것을 좋아해요. BBi BBi likes to do cleaning

* HW
– a review “Introducing my Monster” to someone in your family in Korean.
—–> those of you who didn’t come to class, it is pretty much a drawing of a random creature of your own. You can name it, a place it’s living in, its favorites, a job, age etc.