[1st Period]
* All about 설날 Seollal
– January 1st in Lunar calendar
Q: 뭐를 먹어요? What do you eat on Seollal?
A: 떡국을 먹어요 (We) eat a rice-cake soup.
Q: 설날에 뭐를 해요? What do you do on Seollal?
A: 세배하고 윷놀이를 해요 (We) bow to elder and play ‘Yutnori’ game.

[2nd Period]
* Cultural experiences at the Gym: observing kids doing 세배 to elder and playing 제기차기 with classmates.
* Playing 윷놀이 with teammates.
* Trying 떡국 for lunch.

[3rd Period]
* Reviewed a presentation about Seollal and answered questions.
* Wrote answers in Korean sentences.
1.설날은 언제예요? When is Seollal?
2.설날에 어디를 가요? Where do you go on Seollal?
3.설날에 누구를 만나요? Who do you meet on Seollal?
4.설날에 하는 전통놀이는 뭐예요? What’s traditional games you play on Seollal?
5.설날을 대표하는 음식이 뭐예요? What’s the food representing Seollal?
6.설날에 뭐해요? 1)설날에 세배를 받아요 2)돈을 줘요 What do you do on Seollal?
= 설날에 세배를 _________ 돈을 줘요 On Seollal, I receive bows and give money.

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